The Five Questions – Part 2 | Life Series

Last week we discussed five questions that would possibly adjust our sail in the direction we wish to go. Today, we will go over another set of questions to add that extra gust of wind in our sail. Ready?

Read time: less than 2 min.

How would the person I wish to be act today?
Our reputation precedes us in many ways. Are your actions aligned with the image you have of yourself? Whether it is or not is not important. How will you showcase yourself to reinforce your image or change it?

Who are you surrounding yourself with?
We become what we do. What we do often get influenced by our surroundings. Are you surrounding yourself with the right people, books, feelings and thoughts?

What is one thing you can remove from your life that would improve it?
Self-awareness is a huge virtue. If you could take away one thing from your life that would improve it, what would that be?

What are the most likely sources of concerns in my life over the next year? How can I prepare for or prevent them?
Whether it’s your personal or professional sides of your life, is there anything that may slip out of control and cause your grief? Knowing is half the battle. If you do, then it’s time to make some changes.

And finally, one of my favourites.

How can I?
Ask questions that will get you the answer you want. Often we limit ourselves to the answers we give ourselves with limiting questions. If you just rephrase every “I can’t” into “how can I?” you will get reassuring and forward-moving answers. For example:

  • Instead of: “I can’t find any time for learning French.”
  • Try: “How can I find an extra 15 minutes each day this month?
  • Instead of: “I can’t save a cent each month.”
  • Try: “How can I save $25 this month?

I hope these questions will add some value in your lives, and get you to move closer to whatever you are pursuing. Best wishes.

Thank you for sharing some of your precious time with me each week.

Until next week.




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