How a lawyer saved America | Life Series

Al Capone needs no introduction. The most dreaded and considered enemy number one in the United States at the time got away with every possible crime. How?

Read time: less than 2 min.

Easy Eddie, his most trusted lawyer. He was so good in his job that no matter what charges the authorities had on Al Capone or his people, they couldn’t put anyone behind bars. Easy Eddie was very valuable for the mafia and was rewarded with enormous amounts of money for his job. Eddie lived in a huge house, had the most expensive cars and all the luxury he could easily afford for his family.

Something changed one day.

During one of the conversations with his son on what he would like to become as a grown-up, Easy Eddie’s son replied that he wanted to be like his father and save every mafia from going to prison. Easy Eddie was a bit disturbed hearing this. He thought that he gave his son everything that money could buy, but not an example of a father that he could be proud of. That night, Easy Eddie decided that the only way he could leave a legacy of a good father for his son was to become one.

He took the bold and dangerous step to help the government by testifying against the mafia. Many of the mafias were sent to prison, including Al Capone. Easy Eddie knew that this move would get him killed, and it did. One morning when he was driving in his car, another car came by and riddled it with bullets killing Easy Eddie on the spot. Easy Eddie paid a very high price to give his son a father who he could be proud of.

America faced a much greater enemy.

During WW II, the Pearl Harbour attack dragged America into the war. During the attack, a pilot saw nine Japanese bombers targeting to sink the Naval fleet with thousands of Americans on it. The fearless pilot single-handedly knocked off five of the nine planes forcing the Japanese to flee the scene. For his bravery, the pilot was awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor, the first US Air Force pilot to receive the honour.

His name was Butch O’Hare.

He is considered one of the greatest heroes of American history because he was willing to sacrifice his own life for the higher cause of others. To honour his legacy, the Airport in Chicago, O’Hare Airport, was named after him.

What makes this piece of history so interesting is Butch O’Hare was the son of Easy Eddie. The legacy that cost Easy Eddie his life not only saved thousands from getting killed by the mafias, but it also turned his son into one.

What legacy are we leaving behind?

Our values, our character, the grace and the compassion and the love that flows through us is the most significant contribution we could make to our own lives, to our families and to the world.

There’s wisdom everywhere if we know where to look. Do share if you come across any nuggets of wisdom that could be in our Common Interest.

So long, until next week.



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