The New Shift – P2 | Work Series

BBC World, August 4, 2049 – 09:17 London

BeNew Pharma has released another breakthrough in enhancing human mortality called ReElixer. This breakthrough is a leap forward from the previous procedure for enhancing skin regeneration. The new method not only makes you new from the outside, but it also regenerates internal organs and cells to make you new from the inside. Critics cite that this medical innovation will further polarize the world as they will be available to select elite groups and upon invitation only.  

Read time: 2.30 min.

It is a probable future some thirty years from now or maybe sooner. The power will be in the hands of select organizations pioneering in the fields of advanced genetics and health.

What happens between now and then?

As we explored in The New Shift – P1, the baton has been pulled not passed on from one powerhouse to another, and the current masters must get dethroned just like their predecessors. The question is not if, but when. I would be insulting you if I did not acknowledge that I cannot profess precisely where the shift is expected to happen, but we can make some informed prediction about some potential forces that could be at play.

Data, revered as one of the significant sources of power today, is still considered closed and private. From individuals to organizations, including government bodies, they are continually looking to close all data leakages to safeguard our privacy. Protection and exploitation of data have grown into a multi-billion if not trillion-dollar business. It is a precious commodity because although provided willingly through numerous formal (institutions and agencies) and informal (social media) channels, it cannot be just as easily be obtained and exploited without creating some headlines (remember Cambridge Analytica and Facebook showdown?), thus increasing its value for the bidders.

In tune with the cycles of decentralization and democratization of economies, the power has been bestowed into our hands, literally, making us mere mortals very powerful. Whether these hands do have the power or are mainly attached to strings of puppeteers is a discussion on its own. The bootlegging of data is in existence because it is protected and precious.

What if it isn’t?

What if every data points are available to its owners. Similar to your Credit score, your data is housed centrally and can be accessed under permission only, and as an owner, you have control over sharing and perhaps even monetizing from the value of data content.  You can decide who gets access and to what extent.

This will reduce the potency for data breaches and exploitation. Data will continue to reign for several years until it will no longer be considered precious.

Who will then take the iron ‘throne’ after data?

I suspect, the Food and Agro-industry will take control for a few years as the world continues to seek clean food and water. However, over a period, our biology will evolve to accept chemically and genetically enhanced food, and perhaps even reject natural or organically derived food. Although paramount for our existence, I don’t expect the Food industry to remain on top of the food chain for long. Perhaps like GMO, several alternatives will make food ubiquitous, affordable to all. There is no free lunch, so the consequence of altered food will be health and mortality.  

What’s next?

Pretend today is your 71st birthday, and you have everything you want in life. All things of pleasure, luxury and comfort are at your disposal. But health is not on your side. You have big plans and not ready to call it a day yet. There’s so much to do, and so little time. You want to make the most of all the pleasures of life.

You are like the many ultra-wealthy races, a breed who have the means to bend the natural mortality rules. You, along with other like-minded people, will leverage your wealth on finding the ultimate cure for unnaturally long life. 

Enter BeNew Pharma.

Share your thoughts. 

To your success!



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