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Joe Smith, 1960-2019, CEO of The Mighty Corp, led the organization to its current glory. Some of his key accomplishments include – During his tenure, the market cap quadrupled, revenue was it’s highest in the company’s history, employee engagement soared, and the company is the market leader with several innovative and breakthrough products. We miss your leadership, Joe.

Sincerely, COO, CFO, VPs, Directors and staff.

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Headstones rarely read like the above. Instead, we may write Joe Smith, loving son, beloved husband, father, brother, and friend. His kindness still stays with us. We miss you, or something along those lines.

Throughout your career, you may earn several titles or designations that defines your stature, and standing in both your professional and social circles.

We take pride in our titles. Those few letters become us, flashing them around for exhibiting our accomplishments. In some cultures, acceptance within certain walks of life is dependent on one’s title or designation. Who we are often precedes what we are. How we conduct ourselves takes a back-seat, and the level of influence one can exert gets to the forefront.

Ironically, most of our lives are spent making sure our social standing and position remains our core identity. However, when it’s time for the final analysis, none of our formal titles and designations show up on our eulogy or headstone. No one remembers the inspiring company strategy you devised that sky-rocketed the company. People forget the smooth presentation that earned you many applauds, and no one remembers the mountains you moved building the business empire.

There are also other titles that you earn all through your life as well. Son, daughter, father, mother, brother, sister, uncle, aunt, and friend. Those titles or relationships do not guarantee any social elevation. However, it does provide you with the safety net to save you when you fall, and bounce you back on your feet.

The relationship titles become your shell for protection. The hard shell shields you in your battle in the social arena and works like rocket fuel for your jet-speed career. Ultimately, what we are, how we lived our lives, how many lives we touched, what we gave back to the community gets remembered, nothing else.

Though our jobs may make us successful and perhaps even wealthy, it’s only our relationships with family and friends that defines our ultimate title.


What is your final title going to look like?

Share your thoughts. 

To your success!



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