Do you have OCS? | Work Series

You are successful in your field. You can make big, bold decisions with extreme confidence. You believe you can take on the world at any time. You have arrived. 

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Do you ever feel that no one could do what you are capable of doing?
Do you ever feel that you are the only one suited for the job?
Do you ever feel that if it’s not you, then, who?

If the answers to the above is a resounding yes, then I am sorry to inform you that you have been diagnosed with OCS – Over Confidence Syndrome. It’s not found to be life-threatening, however, it does have the potency to suck out the life of others. It’s not contagious but could rub others the wrong way. Severe depression from isolation has been found with certain patients.

Of course, I made it all up. OSC is not clinically proven yet, but it does exist in us to some degree. Like cholesterol, if the OCS is within a certain acceptable level, then you don’t need any medication, certain mental and emotional diet can take care of your diagnosis. However, if your OCS level is beyond the acceptable limit, then you don’t just need insulin to keep your OSC in check, but you may need a heavy antidote as well.

Confidence is a virtue, essential for our success. It is the fuel that propels us for achieving seemingly impossible goals. It acts as the wind under our wings gliding us to unconquerable heights. It also acts as an anchor to stay firm when the storm of doubt is raging all around you.

So what’s the issue?

Like driving, if we are within speed limits, you not only avoid cops trailing behind you but it also keeps you safe, similarly strong confidence won’t just aid in your accomplishments, but will also keep you emotionally safe.

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Confidence is when you feel that you can do it. It’s positive and a sign of strength. Over-confidence, on the other hand, is when you think that only you can do it, which as you can see has a shade of arrogance. In fact, it is a pretense we often use to hide our weaknesses and our insecurity.

How does confidence turn into over-confidence?

Like most habits build up through repetition, a consistent streak of success builds the confidence muscles, and the more you practice, the stronger the confidence muscles become.

Isn’t that how it supposed to be? Absolutely.

So where is the problem?

The problem is when the confidence level reaches a level where it blinds us of empathy and preparation. One of the essential parts of any workout is warm-up and muscle stretching, without which your muscles become fatigued draining all the benefits from the workout. Similarly, preparation and empathy act like warm-up and muscle stretching for your confidence, allowing you to be better positioned and level headed to keep going without losing your edge.

The best of the best athletes devote more time practicing than they do on the field. Their performance is a by-product of the effort put in. Take the example of Danielle Steel, who’s worth $350 million, with 179 books to her name, says she’s been able to pump out seven books a year because of relentless writing (and practicing) +15 hours a day, each day and every day.  That’s what I would call preparation.

Speaking of practice, practice alone is not enough. Why? What if your method is incorrect? In Yoga, amongst other vital nuances, if the posture and breathing are not accurate, the results will be disappointing. Similarly, if you practice fiercely, but not accurately, then it will yield low or no results. Along with adjustable practices, determination, dedication, perseverance, a good mixture of humility, empathy and patience ensures a longer shelf-life for your success.

Even if you have accomplished everything you ever desired, it is crucial to get back to the same mindset that got you here in the first place. It’s an insurance for maintaining or excelling in your field.

What are your superpowers, and how are you ensuring it remains that way?

Share your thoughts. 

Success to you!



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