Get Some Perspective | Work Series

“I have tons of emails to sort through.”

“I have too many meetings.”

“I am too busy.”

“Gosh! I hate Mondays.”

Read time: Approx. 2 min. 


There are several more, but for now, I’ll pause with just those expressions that we often hear at workplaces. I get that sometimes we end up saying these things. The key word is ‘sometimes.’ If you happen to be a regular offender, then I think it’s time to get some perspective.

Imagine one day you show up to work and find your inbox empty.

The mail server must be down, but how come others are busy plowing through theirs. It must be your computer then. You have refreshed your mailbox several times. Rebooting the desktop works most of the time, and you have tried that too.

After calling support, you are now convinced that everything is working correctly, but you don’t seem to have any email. Reluctantly you assure yourself that you have no emails.

The dreadful thoughts creep in. Am I forgotten? Am I not required? Am I not relevant anymore? Does no one need my help? Does no one care for my input or opinion?

Gosh! I am no longer required.

What if this goes on for one full day, or one whole week or one entire month?

You are now beyond the melting point, and desperate. You are willing to devour every letter on the email if only you could get one. Please help!

Let’s take it one notch up.

Imagine one day you show up to work and find that you have been excused. Game over!

Your “too many” email problems have been taken care of. You now have all the time you need. Do you like this free time? Are you getting used to this? Your other problems have also been addressed. No more “I have too many meetings,” no more “I am too busy.” Every day is a weekend for you now, so no more Monday blues.

Are you finally happy?

If you scroll up, you will find that I used the word ‘imagine.’ Thank goodness!

Your reality hasn’t changed. Your mailbox is overflowing. You are double or triple booked or maybe more. You are getting pulled in every direction, and you have more work than you can do in a day. Days go by quickly and the week melts away bringing you back to the next week. You are glad to come back to work. You are happy to be busy. You appreciate that you are invited to meetings where your input is appreciated. You are busy and look forward to finishing that project you started today. You cherish Fridays and try to make the most of the free time you have over the weekend.

Life is good. Believe me your problems are exaggerated.

Anytime you feel you have the worst job in the world, then remember people out there who would love to swap your problems with theirs.

* Imagine those who are required to work 12-15 hours a day.

* Imagine those who must do more multiple jobs to look after their families.

* Imagine those who work the graveyard shifts.

* Imagine those who have been displaced.

* Imagine those who are struggling to find a decent job.

* Imagine those who are struggling to make their ends meet.

If you happen to have a typical straight shift, 9-5 / 5 days a week job then consider yourselves blessed. No matter how challenging you perceive your role is, I think it is pretty cozy – with all due respect.


I hope that this helps you change your perspective, and if you find your colleagues complaining, please share it with them.

Share your thoughts.

Success to you!



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