Pause everything you are doing | Life Series

An 89-year-old man was dying. He was surrounded by his family to bid him the final farewell. The old man opened his heavy grieving eyes, looked around the room and asked for his son, his daughter-in-law, his granddaughter, and his brother. All were present around him. He felt pleased when all of a sudden his gaze went outside the room.

Raising his head, the old man uttered “If all of you are here in the room with me” he paused, and regaining his strength asked, “Why is the fan switched on in the living room?”

This is meant to be a joke! However, lying on his deathbed, the old man was worried about matters that in the final summary didn’t matter at all.

Sounds familiar? The irony of this episode is that we often find ourselves focused on irrelevant and inconsequential things in life that we label as priorities.

Are you chasing an inconsequential priority?
Are you arguing with your fellow worker on email, and have lost sight of you true priority?
Are you chasing a dream that may not be your true passion?
Are you so busy that you have no time to think?

Saddest moments in our lives include living most of it in pursuit of unworthy dreams.


We need to pause and ponder once in a while. It’s quite easy to get wound up in our day to day sprint after things that may have been your priority yesterday, but does it still hold the same place now in your agenda? Unless you stop and think, you may keep going with the flow, and when you reach the bottom of the stream, it will be too late.

Actionable Advice
Is your compass pointing in the correct direction? Do you need to adjust your pace and focus? Pick a day and time once a week or once in two weeks or whatever works for you to reflect on what have you been chasing lately.

Pause everything you have been doing and reflect on some critical pillars in your life:

  • Family
  • Health
  • Relationships
  • Personal growth
  • Professional growth
  • Spiritual (if you are inclined)

Remember when time runs out, the fan running in the other room won’t matter.

Success to you!


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