“My Precious” | Life Series

Gollum teaches us some very essential lessons.

If Smeagol had strong walls within him, he wouldn’t have become obsessed with evil, killing his best friend, living an unnaturally long life in despair and become Gollum, finally melting away with the One Ring. Now, that probably wouldn’t have given us the epic story ‘The Lord of the Rings’ either.

Smeagol was overtaken or invaded by the evil eyes of Sauron forcing him to be obsessively fanatic about the Ring, his only possession. It drove him crazy enough to go to any length to protect or get back his Ring. Strangely, there was also many glimpses of kindness and caring nature seen within him through his journey till the end. The castle and the prison walls were both at play, however not strong enough to protect himself and others from his evil desires.

In life, we sometimes unknowingly mistake wrong “Precious” as the purpose of our lives, harming ourselves and others.

How do we allow ourselves to remain the good old Smeagol and not become Gollum?

Two Sides

Let’s try this simple exercise: Downloadable file available here [Back to Basics l My Precious I Self-Help].

Castle walls to protect ourselves
> Search for three characteristics that you want your castle to reflect your personality. Think of the qualities you admire most in others. Qualities that you prefer others speaking behind your back.

The following will help you understand if you have cracks in your castle walls. They provide subtle signs that your castle walls need some immediate attention to stop the invasion:

  • Do you feel compelled to laugh when others are laughing?
  • Do you feel you need to do things for appearance or to fit in?

Prison walls to protect others
> Search for three characteristics that you want to guard your loved ones from. Think of the qualities you despise in others the most. They provide subtle signs that your prison walls need to be strengthened to protect others from your invasion.

  • Do you expect everyone to agree with you?
  • Do you thrive on having the last word?

Simple. Isn’t it? It is deceptively simple, but if done with deep focus, it will force you to reflect on your actions every now and then, uncovering your castle and your prison.

Send me a few words. I would love to hear about your “Precious” discovery.

Up next.

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