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Whether we’re dealing with personal chaos, work, technology, or even nature, we have come to accept that we live in an age of relentless change, where the ground continually seems to be shifting. As a result, we face new hurdles on a daily basis. It’s evident that we have to adapt if we want to be ahead of the curve.

Thankfully there are plenty of online resources to help us wade through these daily twists and turns. However, absorbing these resources could sometimes feel like drinking from a fire hose.

So, what do we need?

The answer is simple but not straightforward.

Imagine trying to find the right information across the exponentially growing number of websites. Thankfully we have Google and other searches engines that help with that. Likewise, what if we had a carefully selected and curated step-by-step guide for preparing us to handle these small and significant changes confidently.


pexels-photo-461797 - Journey

That is the central premise of COMMON INTEREST. A simple yet powerful way to build our knowledge around a wide-range of topics for everyday life. I term them as building blocks for shaping our thinking, conversation, and interaction with ourselves and others.

It’s an experiment.

I don’t have to admit that I don’t have all the answers to the ways of life. However, we all collectively have tremendous talent and knowledge, and a noble desire to share with others. I subscribe to the philosophy that by sharing ideas, knowledge and experience, we grow and mature as a community.

This is a humble attempt to share what I know (that you could use), and as a side effect, I too will continue to improve myself.

Share. That’s what we do when we find something of value. If you like my post, I invite you to extend this thread by sharing your own experience and knowledge.

I will be back with topics of mutual interest, yet not very common. Stay tuned.

Success to you!


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