Time for Self-assessment | Life Series

For most of us, it’s time for self-assessment at work.

Read time: less than a min.

It’s time to take stock of this past years’ journey with highlights and lowlights. It’s also a reflection point on your growth as a professional and could define your career’s roadmap. It’s also time for people managers to review their teams’ progress and strengthen them and the business you are in.

Those are all super important. However, equally important is to perform a self-assessment outside your work life – a significant part of our life we don’t want to ignore. I have come up with my list. Take a moment to check the 21 statements below that apply to you.

  1. I took responsibility for my life.
  2. I managed my emotions well (may almost).
  3. I apologized when I make a mistake.
  4. I indulged in activities to stimulate my body and mind.
  5. I practiced mindfulness or some mental my time.
  6. I got six to eight hours of sleep every night.
  7. I exercised several times a week.
  8. I ate healthily
  9. I did not take/abuse alcohol.
  10. I limited my sugar intake.
  11. I ate vegetables every day (I am a vegetarian :).
  12. I limited junk food (I tried) and overeating.
  13. I limited screen usage during my day (still trying).
  14. I contributed to my community.
  15. I voted.
  16. I was kind and cordial to others (applies to most). 
  17. I still have good friends  
  18. I was mindful of my expenses.
  19. My digital files are securely backed up.
  20. I did not let social media distract from those around me.
  21. My social media usage did not, in any way, hinder my ability to function in real life.

There are some ‘Did well’ and ‘Do better’ that I will keep it to myself (for now).

Thank you for sharing some of your precious time with me each week. Leave a comment if you liked it. 

With gratitude, until next week. 


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