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What was your most recent purchase? Did that replace something you already had? Perhaps a bigger and smarter phone? So very exciting. Do you recall your excitement getting the old item that you just replaced?

Every new and shiny toy enjoys its glory for a while, and as with everything, the novelty and the newness wear off, and we start to look forward to another new toy. And the cycle goes on. Our obsession with novelty is not limited to day-to-day goods alone. If you scroll through history, you will find innovations replacing the old ones, again being replaced with yet another new one and the cycle goes one. Electricity replaced coal. Running water replaced water carriers. Automobiles replaced horse (other animals) carriages. High-speed internet replaced the painful Dial-up. Taxis are being replaced with Uber (well almost), Sunday is the new Monday.

If you think about the above examples, things that are now the new new are not expected to remain new forever either. The new will replace the old. Everything changes, because change is the only constant. And it is also essential for the evolution of the human race.

If you get excited by a new phone, or a new app or a new something that meets your wants, but not your needs, then I humbly suggest, don’t be. In this exponentially rapidly changing the world, you will let yourselves to disappointment if you are basing your life’s excitement on these items.

When the novelty wears off, what remains?


Perhaps human connections that have lost its lustre needs to be revived. Maybe we will be excited about the loved ones still around us. Maybe we will be passionate about our good or healing health. Perhaps having more real friends will be more important than the collection of friends on Facebook. Speaking a few words will be more engaging than mindless forwards on Whatsapp. Binge watching will be replaced with get-togethers with family and friends. Having a heart to heart conversation will replace sharing your heart-beat with a wristwatch.

When most of our surroundings get commoditized, our true human nature is all we’ve got left that will remain the new New.

If that is the expected new outcome, then why wait until the next bend. Why don’t we start practicing humanness now and cherish everything we already have. We don’t need to stop embracing new tools in our lives, just stop replacing the real people around you with them.

I still fall into that trap from time to time. And I hope by writing about it, I will be extra mindful of my actions. What about you?

Share your thoughts.

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